At JK Fabrics we recognize the value that partners and alliances can bring to our business.

In line with our business strategy, we believe in building mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships to provide best-of-breed domain expertise and add additional value to our offerings. We are also committed to interact and work closely with all partners and alliances to ensure success.

Designers/Design Houses:

We welcome designers who are willing to work together with us for manufacturing fabrics in line with their specifications on a contract basis. We are also open to joint development of designs/fabrics.


We also work with agents or suppliers for joint development of fabrics in line with their specifications on a contract basis

We would be delighted if you could share your ideas in form of a concise proposal, along with the contact information, via email to

Alternatively our Business Development Team can get in touch with you to explore the possibilities and conclude on the further course of action.